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Do You Love Jewish Celebrations?

Judaic Treasures, WRJ’s premiere gift shop is located in the newly renovated Temple Emanu-El entrance foyer. Join our dedicated, friendly volunteers who help customers find the perfect gift or addition to their own home. Items needed for ongoing rituals are always in stock. You can have an impact on a young person’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah! Contact the Manager, Kay Schachter, also a volunteer, at 469-230-5195.


Hospitality and Welcoming

One of our primary missions is making all who come to our Temple feel welcome. As part of that mission, there is a small group of volunteers meeting on Friday mornings to prepare and plate the food and sweets that help to create a warm atmosphere for our popular Oneg Shabbats. If you are interested in participating on a regular or occasional basis, email and your message will be forwarded to a WRJ coordinator. Men and women are welcome.


We also welcome participation through home baking. Please bring your PEANUT-FREE donation of sweets, with your name on it, to the Reception Desk, any time Thursdays and Fridays before 9:30 am. We’ll handle the rest, and thank you!



Lunch for Austin Street Center
A WRJ Social Justice Project
Sunday, December 24
Hunger is an ongoing problem in Dallas and we want to do our part
to make a difference. Other donations are light at this time of year.
This is what you can do. Choose one or both.

1. Make sandwiches at home, using meat only (bologna, salami, roast beef, turkey, etc). No cheese sandwiches, please.

Place in a zip lock bag and label each sandwich with a Sharpie showing the main ingredient and bread type. (bologna/wheat) Eliminate mustard, mayo etc.  Sandwiches stay fresher without them. No nut butters. Heels are not used for these sandwiches.


One large sandwich loaf makes 10 sandwiches, and we need to contribute at least 300 sandwiches.

Deliver them to the Hillcrest parking lot on Sunday, December 24, between 8:30 and 9:30 AM.


2. Purchase clementines, bananas, multi packs of individual servings of various chips and salty snacks, or multi packs of individual servings of cookies.

Deliver them to the Hillcrest parking lot on Sunday, December 24, between 8:30 and 9:30 AM.


Questions?: Rachelle Weiss Crane,













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