Officers for 2017-2018

Co-Presidents: Rachelle Weiss Crane and Kay Schachter
Immediate Past President: Erin Zopolsky
Co-Recording Secretary: Leah Beth Kolni and Celia Rose Saunders
Treasurer: Lynn Swartz
VP Investments: Bernice Sherling
Co-VP Communications: Stacy Bruce and Barbara Stone
VP Hospitality: Anne Batalsky and Sharon Willey
Co-VP Membership: Debbi Rothschild, Jacquie Schwitzer, and Denise Siegal
Nominating Committee: Stacy Bruce, Joan Genender, Elise Mikus, Connie Rudick, Celia Rose Saunders, Jacquie Schwitzer, Lynn Swartz, and Sue Weiner

WRJ North America Board of Directors: Celia Rose Saunders

WRJ North America Liaison to Judaica Shops: Kay Schachter

WRJ Southwest District Liaison to Judaica Shops: Kay Schachter



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